Steve Bruce Admits Mistakes for Newcastle United

The team for Newcastle United was held back with a 1-1 score after a goal from Jamaal Lascelles got canceled. Jonny canceled the goal which was arranged by Federico Fernandez, his colleague for defense. The side led by ‘Bruce’ is now at the second-lowest position in terms of score in the Premier League. They have just six goals in hand. The head coach of the club knows very well that they will go down if the team cannot improve their record. He said that they are trying to improve the record.

Steve Bruce also said that statistics is not only the way by which you can know about the team or what happened in the entire match. People have to know what the players go through in a game like this where they have to think about so many things. Bruce did not want to argue about the matter because he knows that the team will be able to improve if they practice hard. He added that they are trying to be a bit more open regarding this matter if it is possible for them to do so. They have worked on the crossing of two center halves because the pitch has three of them.

Regarding the pitch, he said that one center half crossing another is good, but if they have two of them, then the pitch becomes good. In fact, it is important also to have two. The 58 year old has also mentioned that mentality is another which needs to be changed. It is always difficult to sit in one place and try to protect the team. Sometimes it is necessary for them to pose a threat to others to make opponents understand the position. He stated that the team had spoken about winning the second half in the first half, but they did not do enough to win the match.

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