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  1. OoFIDoO

    @007duffy I bet your glad you didn’t leave at half time like other supporters did. Idiots!

  2. MrSK8ER1001

    na the amazing new sighning is suarez 2 liverpool hes awsome (because i live in liverpool) hes just the cheat we need. i made a song

    he’s called lui suarez and he is better than torres. even tho i also like chelsea

  3. MikeCOYS18

    @hneuendorf ROFL that actually made me laugh. “I felt the FAT owner had screwed over the fans one too MANY times.”

    Good one!

  4. iDzzx

    Who’s the player you love the most, ya na, ya na.
    We got the lad from ivry coast, ya na, ya na.
    He;s better then you, he’s better than me, he’s better than rooney and messi.
    CHEICK TIOTE fucked the mackems up.



    i actually almost cryed when they levelled i couldnt stop screaming i bludy love newcastle and cheik tiote

  6. connord94

    I was crying my eyes out when that went in, I ended up about 20 seats away from my seat, unbelievable 😀

    My mate had lent his season ticket to one of our mates, who’s a Sunderland supporter for this match, he told us the Stadium of Light has never seen an atmosphere like that!

  7. connord94

    I was crying my eyes out when that went in, I ended up about 20 seats away from my seat, unbelievable 😀


    You guys are TRUE fans for staying after Half Time. And you could’ve/should’ve won! Respect to Toon Army from a City fan.

  9. James161993

    Season ticket holder in the leazes, and i cried when that went in. without a doubt the best game ive ever witnessed.
    Tiote is God

  10. arsenaljay91

    Great game sadly arsenal couldnt keep it up but credit to newcastle they know how to play good football and do have amazing fans. much better than the yids or mancs lol

  11. MorrowPr0ject

    I watched this at home in Brisbane, Australia @ 2AM and nealy bounced off my front deck when Tiote smashed number 4 in! ..awesome, thanks for putting this up so I can see the mothership 🙂

  12. simmonufc

    Either this or Sunderland has to be the best ever game for me. Think 5under1and edges as the best game just because its them

  13. TheCriscros88

    Joey Barton ‘if the Arsenal players don’t like getting tackled, they should go play netbalk or basketball’

  14. TallyHoPipPip

    I could click this link > 0:35 < everyday for the rest of my life!! BOOM BOOM CHEIK CEIK THE ROOM!

  15. JustTheBestVids

    @danmole1992NUFC I was videoing it as well in the LEAZERS and my phone went straight in tha air fucking nearly lost it

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