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  1. SalataTV

    I had to watch the video 10 times to fully understand what he did with the ball. Poor Dabizas…

  2. tenseman08

    How do you even think of doing such a thing during a football does his mind even contemplate..i’m fucking speechless everytime i see this goal…the touch, awareness, strength, finish, composure and the best thing is…he’s wearing a red and white shirt!!..I salute you are welcomed in my house any day

  3. joe4IKEA

    @alexlinkinpark25 theo walcott, van persie , fabregas, and every player for arsenal in the f.a cup. happy?

  4. alexlinkinpark25

    “most players would go down for a penalty.”<<< the end of the video Dennis Bergkamp didn't and neither do any other arsenal players!

  5. sneijdertje10

    one of the greatest ever. and so modest. not at all like the attention-seekers like ronaldo we have these days.

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