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    wayne rooney might be taken off for manchester united a little knock in the first half and its WAYNE ROONEY OH MY GOODNESS ME! THAT IS ONE OF THE STRIKES IN THE SEASON!! ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT FANTASTIC! FROM WAYNE ROONEY!!!

  2. icematta

    Amazing goal, that goal vs City its a proof thats hes getting his previous level back. God knows the red army missed him.
    Glory Glory Man United…!!!

  3. corrupt19785

    LMAO at the ref! So stunned by what he’s just seen, he forgot to blow for the goal and just stood there in awe. Bear in mind that Rooney was arguing with him when he lashed that baby into the back of the net.

    Take a bow son.

  4. labros1992

    if i was the referee, i would give congratulation to Wayne Rooney for this incredibble goal..

  5. Jonsk12394

    @RSSpyro1093 – Was the exact same today! Man utd vs City, he was just about to be replaced with Owen, and then BAM! Fucking goal of the year!

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