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  1. PlayIt4MeAgainSam

    Outstanding bit of history. Are their any famous or record-setting players on either team who would recognize?

  2. SewellyTV


    That’s fantastic mate, must be great for you to find this footage of your grandfather. I’m glad I’ve stumbled across this aswell, gonna keep it for when I get round to making NUFC related compilations.

  3. mkwoods77

    I am so pleased that this was posted. My Great Grandad is Alex Raisbeck, I have seen many photos and read many articles but it is amazing to actually see the man on screen. On behalf of myself and my family THANK YOU very much for posting!

  4. BobTheGamerUK

    Amazing bit of history right there, 94 years on and the greatest game of football the Premisership has witnessed took place in the same spot, fantastic stuff.

    Much respect for the scouse, great lads and a great footballing city.

  5. gmtx12

    What a great video. Shows some of the weird differences back then from today, such as the 6 yard semicircle, but more than anything it’s the similarities that are so striking. A guy falling over injured, his team mates helping him out before his begrudgingly rises to his feet and limps off, giving the opposition dirty looks. People out to watch their local team play, just like they do today, 109 years on. Incredible

  6. ashingtoon

    @BlinkandDie check upmystreet I think you’ll find your’e talking shit as per usual scummer. Gis a job lad.

  7. BlinkandDie

    @ashingtoon Funny how Newcasle, Manchester, Birmingham and London all have a higher rate of crime than Liverpool. Also, Liverpool are Englands most successful club, not bad for ‘scum’ ay.

  8. ashingtoon

    @BlinkandDie Do what your name suggest you little scummer, it was a joke you phleb. Go and get a sense of humour you small knobbed theiving twat. Everybody knows scousers are scum.

  9. BlinkandDie

    @ashingtoon What a dick you are, must be dumb to assume that all scousers are thieves, stereotyping is for little minds. Liverpool has one of the lowest crime rates for theft in the UK… so get your facts right dickwad.

  10. greenisland75

    Players really knew how to tackle in those days! They get stuck in don’t they. At 0.40 a player gets injured and the players help him back up. The referee doesn’t even move from his position. These days players dive around like Olympic Swimmers trying to con the referee.

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