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  1. TheShutterz

    Awsome vid, should be shown at the stadium. Btw have you seen some of the players we have been linked with in transfers. Defo, Ba etc…

  2. wirelessjunkhead

    Btw, was wondering if ya can make this mobile friendly…cant replay this on me phone..;(

  3. wirelessjunkhead

    Love it!! Brilliant editing, just what we need to see after that disappointing last match!

  4. Welzyyy

    @lewymon I like Tim Krul, I think Harps should be number one, but I think Krul will literally be world class. I like Simpson, but he backs off his man, I.E. when Lennon scored against us in 90th minute, but besides that, I think he rarely puts a foot wrong!

  5. lewymon

    @Welzyyy Same i was there and i didn’t even stay for the Lap of Appretiation i was that angry at them, i don’t think Krul or Simpson is good enough.

  6. Welzyyy

    @lewymon I’m still biting myself as to how we didn’t win, so I felt it unworthy of being in the video…

  7. lewymon

    Great Video Mate but you missed the West Brom game but i’ll forgive you cause the editing was unreal

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