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  1. ghtoti

    Personally I thought Hendo did well enough tonight. He’s not showing a lot of confidence at the moment but he’s got his composure up, which is essential in order for him to build up. He’s thinking clearly and even though he’s slightly hesitant making runs and the like, his passing is massively improved and his defensive side is coming out. A few good challenges. I think he’s gonna come into good form and soon.

  2. izy51

    i hope they get bent in i reckon he’d be a good addition, carrol would be ok too if he just wasnt so predictable and clumsy, he may be tall but then again so are defenders so they are equipped for what he throws so its not working out too great, we need a real poacher, demba ba also looks awesome at the moment

  3. EnglishHighsociety

    Problem is with his kind of striker is they need the ball crossing in every chance. He wont fit in simply because lfc tried this when we had crouch and it was to easy to defend against. We are going to struggle in the cup ties an the league now. I hear we are looking at darren bent from villa. he’d be good, What ever happends tho we desperatly need another striker to partner suarez. Carrol isnt going to work out in my opinion.

  4. EnglishHighsociety

    Carrol has been shit since we signed him, you can see adleast Adam is trying. Carrol stands there waiting for the team to spoon feed him the ball. LFC are playing some of the best passing and possession football in ages but then carrol wastes it! He’s unfit,untidy, an isnt even any good in the air! He looked like a none league striker against man city! I understand kennys faith but i know carrol will be loaned out or sold when we buy a new striker!

  5. gerardsuarezftw

    @UFCritical Ur a retard carroll hasnt done shit coz the service has been crap how is he suppose to score goals with service spastic gerrard is the only one in the team that can connect with carroll

  6. UFCritical

    I will shit all over Downing…as he is no Liverpool player at all…he still plays like a going-nowhere Middlesbrough man! How long must we wait for him to do what we paid £20 mil for???
    Lightweight and cowardly in tackles , the cunz a joke!

    Both Downing, Henderson and Adams lack of composure around the box has cost us about 10 points – THIS DECEMBER JUST GONE!

    There is a list of the top 25 Prem goal scorers as at 2nd Jan 2012….not one cunt is from our team….why?

    Cos we keep bottling it

  7. UFCritical

    Fuck what he can do with the spastic Carroll – if he stays fit he will will make Suarez – then we wont need Carroll ( or his one goal)!

    But dont start sucking on Stevie just yet – judge him after he plays his 10th game of this season.

    B T W we need to lose 5 – 0 today to give fellow Man U haters City a chance to win this league AS WE HAVE NO CHANCE BY CHRISTMAS FOR THE 13TH YEAR OUT OF THE LAST 15!!

    PS: Downing is a NOTHING as is Henderson…and Adam!!!!

  8. mattie7fuckinheaven

    Rip GA……. ps also cant believe we’r going for bent ! is kenny tryna model liverpool on the england squad or wot? we need a few players like suarez, in the sense that most games they have are good not just half of em, and i think Bent deffo falls into that category, definatly seen him have a few shockin performances….. what ya reckon paul n chris?

  9. nikz200

    1. I dont agree with Stevie , i completely agree with you mate, Henderson was never a super world class player , but you can get some good performances from him.
    2.Defensive wise, you have to love Skrtels improvement, he has turned into legend overnight.
    3.Stevie is captain fantastic like always.
    4. Andy needs to be confident and fire shots in, and ignore the media and knobheads who over criticise him.
    5. Charlie is a good player, who can handle the midfield, but he needs to stop trying heroics

  10. aarongreham1706

    we all know carroll needs crosses for goals so i dont get why bellamy played left and downing right? neither or them can produce a world class cross on their weaker foot (no offense to them) so carroll was at a disadvantage from the start! he can hold the ball up brilliantly though, defenders all over him and he chests it down and lays it off, sheer class. him and henderson just need time, sure we never expected to win the league this year! baby steps lads, baby steps…oh and cabaye=scum. ynwa!

  11. southdotvista

    we have got a good back 5, however i do feel glen johnson could get a few more crosses into the box, something i think a fit Martin Kelly would definetly do!

  12. L3Z99

    So transfer window opens.. Which over rated English player you looking at this time Kenny. How about you sign Crouchy back for £30 million?? Or further your scopes to Europe. Maybe Senderos for £40 mil?? Hahahahahah.

  13. 8gerrard8

    Probably the better team? Are you shitting me? How many shots on target did you have? Reina didnt have to make a single save. And Carroll played much better than Ba.

  14. PeaceTomasi

    I don’t know if anyone has noticed but you’ve got a mistake in your ball possession statistics. It says LFC had 52.4% of the possession and NUFC 48.6% which added up makes 101% of the overall possession of the ball 🙂

  15. NUFCandS04forever

    I’m a Newcastle fan and i have to say, we looked like the more threatening team until Gerrard came on he changed the game he is truly a world class player, I have to say the referee was so pro-liverpool the 2nd goal was never a freekick and your players went down so easily.
    Bellamy is a dirty horrible twat and carroll didn’t score so thats something to take out of.
    Nevertheless you were probably the better team, good luck to the rest of the season and don’t buy any of our players in January

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