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  1. GRToonArmy18

    The “entertainers” one of the greatest teams the world has seen.. Great, GREAT team. Let’s hope that Ashley will invest all these money he got for Carroll and let Alan create a really good team that can win trophies… HOWAY THE LADS from the Greek fan club of Newcastle United!!! To all the toon fans out there ” Don’t worry about anything, the northeast will return to where it belongs.. THE TOP…

  2. russelNUFC

    I love how Newcastle and Liverpool fans always have good things to say about each other. Great clubs, great fans.

  3. ACMilan868

    Great clubs like Liverpool and Newcastle should be owned by the fans.
    I hope Kevin Keegan can come back, but I know it’s not likely. Best football NUFC ever played, they played under KK.

  4. enadllica

    thats why i started supporting newcastle, they got the most expensive player in da world alan shearer and they played like this.
    my team
    fro Amman Joran 😀

  5. TuffJamma

    i miss these days. wish we where like this again. i remenber this game like it was y’day. i was so pumped with joy after winning 7-1 then a day after KK left 🙁 . this was the best team NUFC ever had. GK. Hislop, Srnicek. Def. Watson, Albert, Baresford, Peacock, Howey, MID. Clark, Batty, Rob Lee, Beardsley, Ginola, Gillespie. STK. Ferdinand, Shearer and Asprilla signed later on. we would of won title if we never got rid of Cole n signed Gillespie on his own plus signed a Def like Colin Henry.

  6. zipman23

    The name on the back of Gerry Francis’s top at the end just about sums their performance up that beautiful day! 😀

  7. ps07857

    This team was so great attacking…. Ferdinand, Shearer, Gillespie, Beardsley, Asprilla…. midfield generals of Batty,Rob Lee, Albert…
    only person they needed was a leader in defence and a good goalkeeper…but Kevin Keegan wanted to attack, attack, attack…. but ended up conceding, conceding, conceding…

  8. alberito93

    This club is my club. Made out of two club. To form United. Oh what a great club. we’ll always be there. win lose we don’t care. We are the Geordies of NUFC!! NEWCASTLE!!! NEWCASTLE!!! NEWCASTLE!!!

  9. bigbuzzums123

    i know thts the thing tht getting at newcastle fans, 30 years with no major trophies and we were sooo close to getting what we deserved so much and then somehow it all goes down hill and a league in less than 10 years

  10. brikel

    don’t get me wrong, used to love watching newcastle play in them days, but having won fuck all you could never be classed as a top 5 in the world side

  11. bigbuzzums123

    welll seen as we were beating inter milan and barca in the champions league and the only people standing in our way in the league were arsenal, that says alot

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