FIFA 11 Manager Mode: Game Day 5 “Blackburn Rovers Vs Newcastle United” w/Commentary

***Please Go through*** Welcome to game day five, first time right here? Examine out the other videos in the series and subscribe to remain up to time with them. Just visit my @ Taking part in Newcastle nowadays at Ewood Park (Residence), Difficult game in opposition to them even while they are recently promoted. My Line Up for Right now is…. LINE UP. Formation 4-one-2-1-2 GK – D. Griffiths DEFENCE RB – Michael Sadgildo CB – C. Samba CB – R. Nelsen LB – M. Olsson MIDFIELD CDM – M’BIA RM – B. Emerton LM – M. Pedersen CAM – J. Barton FORWARDS RS – N. Kalnic LS – M. Diouf Thank you for Watching the video clip. Make sure you comment I love your feedback and Thumps Up or Down. Thank you Bye.

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  1. ashbuzzman100

    @WelshDragonDsG yh but i think its one of the best games by far i wasnt gonna get fifa 11 but because im a millwall fan and they got promoted this year i just had to lol

  2. ashbuzzman100

    theres a fault at 50 seconds the goal keeper runs the wrong way of where his suppose to

  3. WelshDragonDsG

    @CallOfDutyRonnie I might try that, but I have done Blackburn V Spain Legendary and I beat Spain on Pens. lol and I had hardly anything to do. :L

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