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  1. omenater

    To the tune of “That’s Amore” by Dean Martin:

    When you’re facing a rout, and you’re 30 yards out, Cheick Tiote!
    From the Ivory Coast, squeezed just inside the post, Cheick Tiote!
    He left Cesc Fabregas, lying flat on his ass, Cheick Tiote!
    When we made it 4-3, he said leave it to me, Cheick Tiote!

  2. mistalovva

    Yea newcastle captured my imagination in the first game i ever watched of them, it was 97 against dynamo in champions league they got handled but somehow managed to pull one out of the hat in that game

  3. ctommonufc

    @magnet101 Wolves? You’re shit mate. The best team you have ever seen in your life against one of our worst and you have a massive points lead of 2. I don’t even need to mention the derby at St James. I bet you’re crying yourself to kip at nights 🙂

  4. warpfield98

    @magnet101 and hey, you did say that we had two goals that were offside, apart from Nolan’s second goal which stood and was correct to stand, what the hell was the second goal that was offside??? clutching at straws a bit too much are we??? stay off Newcastle video’s.

  5. warpfield98

    @magnet10 all the decisions in that game were correct. 5-1 must really hurt you, so i understand why your making complaints that no pundits or managers have made. still, get over it. you lost and you were beaten by a better team.

  6. magnet101

    @warpfield98 Carroll wouldn’t have scored if the game was still going on man. He looked clueless. It wasn’t even a clear goal scoring opportunity, he was coming in from an angle. It was very harsh and had we still had 11 men it wouldn’t have been 5. In fact if the second goal hadn’t been given which it shouldn’t have, it would have been completely different. Same if the soft penalty hadn’t been given. Someone had obviously given the ref a backhander.

  7. warpfield98

    @magnet101 see you still haven’t gotten over that 5-1 result. i don’t ever expect you too.

  8. warpfield98

    @magnet101 Bramble was sent off because he denied Carroll a goalscoring opportunity with a completely mistimed challenge that got the man and not the ball. he deserved to be sent off. Nolan’s second goal was a goal, you know that, i know that, but because your a mackem you won’t accept it because like you say you want us to get beat. fair enough. more like straight roads with no u-turns.

  9. magnet101

    @warpfield98 Just like Nolan’s second goal and Bramble’s sending off. Swings and round-a-bouts.

  10. magnet101

    @warpfield98 I’m not warpy. Obviously I’d prefer it if you got beat but all I’m bothered about is we picked up three points of our own.

  11. warpfield98

    @magnet101 oh right, because a player getting sent off at the very end of the game is going to affect the game already been won is it??. wow, the excuses you wish to find. not like your second goalkeeper Cattermole. ill support whatever team i like buddy. sorry its not Sunderland, but you know, you lot are a bunch of apes.

  12. magnet101

    @warpfield98 You’re an ozzy. Support your local team. I see you can only win when you’re playing against ten men.

  13. warpfield98

    @magnet101 back infront of you magnet, back to normal hahahaha. and we ARE 2 points infront of you. hehehehe

  14. warpfield98

    @magnet101 by the way, you were corrected on your pathetic attempt at trying to point the finger at Ameobi being offside. clearly wasn’t interfering with play, so goal was correct to stand. so what was the second goal you think was offside? huh??

  15. warpfield98

    @magnet101 the only fans that were runnin were you lot when you were getting beaten 4-0. back to monkeyvill. yes i may be an ozzy, but there are fans who follow the premier league all over the world. thats why its the best league in the world. then there are fans like you who are sad mackem twats who can’t even stick to their own videos because they are desperate attention seekers. that for me, is worse.

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