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  1. MrToon30

    i live not to far from Liverpool now due to work. I miss Newcastle very much and im very proud of the wonderful city it is. As I drive past the Angel of the north on the A1 i know im home and the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. I just love it.

  2. circesprophecy

    I love Newcastle. At uni in Leeds, but everytime I come back here and hear that geordie accent, I know I’m home.

    been bought up with a posh accent (mum’s german/dad’s from london) but I’m the only true geordie in the family. But the Geordie culture washed off on me, love the Toon through thick and thin, respectful, friendly and courteous to whoever it maybe as long as they’re a top lad/lass and enjoys a good drink!!

    Howay the Toon, I’ll forever be here!!! No london city job for me!!!

  3. Tatze11

    @helrichardson ya your right. some comments are really stupid. from both sides. just relaxe guys. i’m not a geordie but it’s a great song isn’t it?
    nice to see you back in premier league. but i’d rather see you at elland road, newcastle and sunderland ;). so i hope we will see us next year.
    leeds go marching on!

  4. helrichardson

    Some really stupid comments… but I LOVE this song!! so good to hear it again havent heard it for donkeys!! Homesick!!

  5. Agent268

    My life’s pretty good, thanks, and Newcastle is just pissing on Sunderland. I’m not seeing any downside. 😉 Have a nice week, Britbullshitdog.

  6. DiogenesPub

    I heard the big river from Jimmy Nail…
    Now this! Excellent songs…

    I now start to think that US country was born in …Newcastle!

  7. britishbulldog2008

    Aye right cockheed, who gives a fuckin shite aboot your shitty life yer fuckin cunt!
    gan an shove a fuckin carrot up yer arse ya fuckin puff!

  8. Agent268

    Maybe in your 90K job you can learn how to use the word “too” correctly. My son has a problem with that as well, but he is in 6th grade.

    I must admit that I already do beat your income by a fairly significant amount, but then I do have two master’s degrees in management and a bachelor’s in mathematics. I’m sorry to tell you that I’m just a mere high school teacher in Columbus, Ohio – and they pay me about $71 an hour to do what I do.

    Do the math, bitch.

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