I’m on setanta (EP19) The boy Wayne councils Dave from Newcastle

I’m onsetanta sports activities first appeared at the beginning of December 2007 & has been a cult football comedy hit ever before since. At very first the demonstrate was a solo effort with The specific one particular in the studio on your own & taking calls from various other football faces & Managers (with the exception of a particular Dave from Newcastle). In due coarse Two far more regulars have been drafted in by Jose in the shape of Sven (“IT”) & the boy Wayne (Rooney) This move acquired a huge comical improve to the demonstrate & helped enhance it is popularity. In autumn 08 a certain Mr Fabio Capello (cabbage gentleman) came into the show as THE BOSS much to Jose’s disgust. But he has seldom been seen since a specific election defeat to Jose. (Do not cross the special one particular). In early January 2009 setanta stunned the shows millions & millions of Wonderful fans by announcing that IOSS was to end the subsequent weekend…..for no apparent cause. DAVE LENNON (Director of this channel) went Ballistic & began an on the web campaign to save this unique display. Following ten days of this campaign it was announced via a special episode (EP00 on this channel) that the display was to return with a new name “Special 1 TV”. The fans rejoiced & I slept properly for the first time in ten days. The complete factor had been a inexpensive advertising and marketing ploy (as stated by Sven in EP01) to accommodate a new sponsor (pools4all.com). However – this author obtained his reward when his campaign & his title was presented a instead particular point out in the transitional present … (From IOSS to

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  1. Doitchampions

    It is one of the special 1 tv episodes (if not then it’s in the last couple of IOSS episodes

  2. busterbuster

    but why Ameobi? and who is Dave supposed to be?? every other caller is meant to be someone real…who is Dave?

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