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  1. Jazios

    Ahh yes the classic game, if you look closely at 2:01 you will see Christian Bale back when he played for Man U

  2. Dovelike

    If I could go back in time ala Michael J Fox being at that game would be the first on my itinerary. The most entertaining game in Premier League history.

  3. HappyBaccyBuzz

    As a Geordie, if Newcastle won the league once in my lifetime i would be happy and that would be enough for me.
    As for Manchester United and Chelsea, winning it once is not enough for them.
    To them it’s not a dream to win the league, it’s an obsession.
    I wonder what there players would do if there wages were cut drastically.
    They’d say FUCK OFF!
    It’s just all money for them.
    The rest of the premiere league fight for there dreams and take pride playing.
    Money is of little importance to us.

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