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  1. Robotdrummerzzk

    @wirelessjunkhead he can’t speak english so he’s missing out on some of the tiote/nolan joking probably.

  2. TheMagpieGeordie

    Sick of all this crap of changing kits every season, Mike Ashley can fuck off he anit getting my money!!!

  3. wirelessjunkhead

    Nolan’s smiling and laughing through out the whole video… while ben arfa look so (sigh).. i really wish he could come back soon!!

  4. wirelessjunkhead

    The home kit will definately grow on me. It dont look as bad as everybody’s saying about how bad it look. But, although, i wish there is about 2 more stripes in front. lol.
    I think the keeper’s and away kit look beautiful.

  5. paul85nufc

    Not impressed. The long sleeve might look good at the match but i’ll not be buying this one. Thanks for the upload

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