Tiote left-footed volley – Newcastle United vs. Arsenal – 5/2/11

Cheik Tiote hits a left-footed volley to score the tying goal in opposition to Arsenal in the 87th moment, generating the match 4-four, one particular of the greatest comebacks in premier league historical past.
Video clip Rating: four / 5

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  1. KdNiNjA83

    i was there in the gallowgate, sends tingles right through me watchin that like ………………….

  2. izimurider

    I love how an entire crowd can go from a disappointed ooooohhhh to going absolutely off their tits mental in the space of 2 seconds!

  3. TheTJentertainment

    tiote’s best goal 71 like 1 dislike.. 1 dislike button clicked asten venger or fabrigas nasri xaxaxa

  4. Enschede07

    haha typical a twente player 😀 twente rules the world ! watch this hes te boss of such goals /watch?v=HbK_OMnCUTw

  5. joe89nufc

    @timb0nic you should av tried watching it from the stands in St James’ mate lol I felt like popping in to the hospital on my way home to get my hart rate checked lmao

    was an epic game

  6. hellomotobleh

    that was actually a lame celebration by that fan section. i mean the crazy jubilation only lasted like 5 seconds and then lame clapping come newcastle supporters!!

  7. boardman64

    @123Owey “Keep British, British” ??? That means half of Rangers is out the door then. You’re team are shite mate. Newcastle would rape you if you came to St James Park – a real stadium, not like shitty Ibrox. Even Celtic kick your filthy, Hun arse and we kicked theirs last time we played so STFU and go back to shagging your inbred, ginger sister.

  8. MrMontgomeryM


  9. johnl151

    @123Owey I think that is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever read. I’m sure if rangers were 4-0 down at half time and came back to draw 4-4 against arsenal with a wonder goal like that you’d all just sit there with no reaction thinking ‘well we shudn’t have been 4-0 down in the first place, it’s only a draw at the end of the day’… such an idiot.

  10. jarkle

    @123Owey Hahahahahaha. Aye right. You have two, maybe three teams in your league. If he was to leave it’d be to a big club, not one with a complex stuck in a backwater league.

  11. BigLiam123

    Rangers fans are delusional, they will never get Tiote. He will never move to the shit that’s called the Scottish Premier League, the equivalent to the Blue Square Conference here in England. Now shut the fuck up all you Rangers fans please, thanks.

  12. markmacnu

    @123Owey A Rangers fan calling a Prem game a mediocre event like almost every game you play. That is what you call passion not drivling on about British Britain (notice capital letters). What would be more apropriate that we all just sit like Arsenal fans and make no atmosphere muglips. As for Shearer thats what you call a true British legend.

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