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    @howaytheladshk file a copyright claim or something. that twat is stealing all your credit.

  2. exon2001

    @doneyourmum Good to see the top 2 North East teams doing well in the Premier League. Thanks for the comment mate.

  3. doneyourmum

    ima sunderland fan good season lads , just the men who go and spoil it when we vs each other go to far and the lil children get hurt

  4. geordiepunk

    im abit late at watching this. but thanks! gave me major goosebumps. i like it when i get goosebumps.
    nufc for life

  5. howaytheladshk

    @mallugeordie I leave the message in his video, however he did’t reply me and delete my message…i can’t do anything about it

  6. mallugeordie

    Cant u do anything about 10MessiRonaldo??? I mean u have made an amazing video…the best i have seen and thn somebody copies it and it has become the featured video….this is sad….waiting for more works from u….:)

  7. BGSoccerMagic

    Spurs man here.

    Welcome back. The quality of your team was dearly missed. Club as big as yours, I would also add Leeds and Nottingham Forest in this category, should never play in the Championship.

    Good luck in opening your season with a victory at Traford.

  8. gmanakadezil

    Newcastle bounced back quick and hard becoz the players sticked 2 gether unlike Boro or Leeds who started splittin up jst coz they dont wanna play 1 year in the champoinship that year in the championship has helped Newcastle u can see they are as hungry as ever for the Premier League players, fans n all the staffs. and they know wat they missed so they aint gonna go down again as long as they stick 2gether nd they just got ”Gosling” a great young player.
    4rm an Arsenal Fan i see use in top10.

  9. Robotdrummerzzk

    @Glennsnake I recognise most of it from Sky sports coverage of our games- maybe he has one of those tv cards or something?

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