The Greatest Game Ever Played (Liverpol 4-3 Newcastle 3 April 1996 )

These are the longest highlights I’ve been capable to discover of this traditional, present-stopping match. Two fantastic sides set on an unforgettable efficiency of attacking football in this unforgettable match. Commentary by Martin Tyler and Andy Gray, like the renowned “Collymore closing in!!!”.
Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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  1. tingtongbundy

    @darkhouse1906 of course you wouldn’t get tired, this match is why Man United won the Premier League again that year, which Man United fan wouldn’t be happy with the way this match turned out? By the way, Man United still sucks

  2. MUFC127

    @andyn6990 Your a Man Utd fan? I dont think so pal, Eric Cantona is was about a hundred times better,

  3. 132000Volts

    @kopkingslfc Yet Newcastle were a better attacking team consistently. The title should have been theirs

  4. Paladin24987

    easily the best match i have seen ever… that + the 4 – 4 arsenal/’pool arshavin 1 and the 3 – 3 between utd/’pool in 1994.

  5. ScouseRedLFC

    this game brings back so many good memories !!!!! ever time i watch this the hairs stand up on the back of my neck !!!!! but it was even better being there which i was 🙂 as a young lad in the kop at 16 1 of the best times of my life !!!!!!!!!!! if only we had some of the players in this match playing for LFC now !!!!!!!!!!!! FOWLER, McMANAMAN, COLLYMORE (in this form) WRIGHT, ROB JONES, McATEER

  6. la2111

    I can say this as a NUFC fan this was the best Premier league game ever, although at the time it was a bitter pill to swallow.

    This is the perfect example of how football should be played end to end, on the floor, no diving or dirty tactics – just 2 top teams of the day playing to win.

    They should have played this as or presentation to FIFA for hosting the world cup with a statment saying ‘its our game, we invented it and this is how it is supposed to be played, so lets bring it home!’

  7. andyn6990

    Im a man u supporter but even i admit robbie fowler is the best striker of my time he was amazing!

  8. andyn6990

    Amazing game , this and the semi final replay between man u and arsenal are my fav games ever u dont get games like this now the 90s were the best full of passion and atmosphere , now its all bout money its a shame 🙁 but im glad i was a teen in this era was amazing!

  9. ches017

    I remember watching this match, and I’ll never forget the sight of a crestfallen Kevin Keegan leaning on the banner after Collymore’s goal. Priceless!

  10. vicavox

    Martin Tyler and Andy Gray…could listen to these two commentate all day long. They make great games like this even more fantastic.

  11. rbssixnations

    greatest game ever. not only am i a liverpool fan , but i had all my money at the time on a liv win… what an atmosphere.. great sound from the crowd.. why dont we have that passion anymore????

  12. UncleMikeNJ

    Wait, you mean there was a time when Jamie Carragher WASN’T wearing Number 23 for Liverpool?

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