Newcastle United Supporters Trust

‘The Fans’ Voice’ The Newcastle United Supporters Believe in is not a protest group, but a positive force for alter. We seek to benefit our football club and its supporters by channeling the enthusiasm of its loyal supporters into a forward-considering non-revenue organisation that is a legally constituted, democratic, not-for-profit Supporters Rely on. The Newcastle United Supporters Rely on (NUST) seeks to advantage the two the Football Club and its supporters by channeling the enthusiasm of Newcastle supporters into a ahead-contemplating organisation that is a legally constituted, democratic, not-for-revenue Supporters Rely on of Newcastle United. In this video clip we highlight the genuine folks who assistance Newcastle United. The informed supporters. The men and women who arent acquired or offered in the transfer market, the folks who dont move onto one more club, the people who stick with their club through the excellent, undesirable and indifferent whose enjoy for the club is passed down to the youthful era. The genuine supporters. Developed by YourFilm Digital Film Creation (0191) 490 9123 CGI by SimonCGI http

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  1. pinkelephantandmates

    Im from Australia and i strongly support Newcastle, I dont have much cash and could barely afford pay tv+sports pack, however it had to be done, I wake up in the middle of the night each weekend to see how the boys go, even after being relegated im not gona stop. Seems like a brilliant city, loyal supporters with a huge club to follow like a religion, bloody beautiful.

  2. dsfbosadbfasdbfosadb

    @NewcastleUnitedUltra I agree and I think alot of fellow newcastle fans will like it. I think many rival fans will laugh at it ‘cos it’s just a tad cheesy!

  3. YourFilmUK

    @dsfbosadbfasdbfosadb We think it is a great visual analogy for the passion and love described in the video that Newcastle fans have for the club. Thank you for your comment.

  4. LeazesEnd

    100% behind the NUST, wish I could contribute but being a poor student I can only afford the membership. Best of luck lads & lasses.

  5. wheelchairsteve2008

    It’s an honour to be featured in this video, which has been excellently produced and reflects the feelings of the majority of true NUFC supporters.

  6. NewcastleUnitedUltra

    I am simply Proud to be a Geordie.

    and i will support newcastle united evermore.

    Get out of of club…..

  7. x6alalx

    the media gives the liverpool fans alot of attention but look at the success they’ve had ..we havent lifted a trophy for so long and had our hearts broken but we show up in our thousands and cheer on the toon like they’re champions of europe every single match .. we are the best fans in the land howay the fuckin lads!

  8. ToonArmySoldier1

    Every word said in this video is spot on. Name another club who has been through the same as us, been lied to, been betrayed, been ripped off and STILL get crowds most Premiership clubs are envious of. The answer is, there isnt one. Newcastle United is special and you have to live in the area to understand just how special. Im so proud to be a Geordie and whenever i travel away from home to support the lads, i always wear my colous so i can show people where i’m from. Newcastle United forever

  9. rantbox21

    brilliant… at least some of us are standing for what we believe in and trying to make a difference.

    i’m sure there’ll be a fair share of mackem trolls and the usual anti NUFC crowd who’ll comment on here just to trash us and roll out their tired old cliches…. to all of you, I have one question: what are YOU doing to make a difference at YOUR club? exactly.

    keep it up, NUST. HTL.

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