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  1. bigskyn842

    I’m a barstooler in Chicago and I resent the comment and implication from the OP
    Up the toon!

  2. Irishgeordie07

    Cop on, there is no C team. They just have a 2nd team playing in the ‘A’ Championship. That and they had a few trialists playing. I’m not saying it was a brilliant victory. IMO the result is pointless in a friendly and making sure evrryone gets a decent run out is a priority

    And Btw, I’m a Newcastle United and a Drogheda United supporter and have been to many Toon games and go to nearly every Drogs game, so I’m no barstooler.

  3. shamrock19666

    Yes,3:0 to Newcastle but Rovers played the night before against bray in the league so had there B and some of there C team playing against Newcastle!
    A sure it must have being a great night for all you bar stool supporters actually going to a game of football!

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