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  1. wesleyfaulkner

    not anymore, your in the championship now
    Im a happy man city fan, richest club in the world

  2. ricfitter2

    34 points, who gives a fuck? were newcastle united and were stayin up!

    34 points, who gives a fuck? were newcastle united and were stayin up!


  3. hayezboyzkidz

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  4. geordietart

    and i just hope it isn,t another false dawn 4us newcastle fans like cos wor new owner ashley may have helped us oot the mess of wot those idiots did but that wil count4nowt if we get relegated like we need new players and y r we tryin2get rid of wor gud players like given milner martins and even owen when itshud be players like smith gannin instead he is a billionaire and unless he spends money on players neva mind aboot silverware we not even be in the premier league and thats a fact

  5. geordietart

    allardyce was a shite manager4 newcastle and if we had of kept him as wor manager then we wud of gone down and thats y newcastle got rid of him he may of been ok 4bolton but he was shit 4us and any1 that wants that negative yorkshire puddin as their manager must need their head testin like he is as bad a manager as that other heap of shit souness who along with wor then owner that fat ugly bastard shepard the placca geordie that he is deliberately tried 2ruin wor club just2make a profit

  6. pbaykut

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  7. toonultrasbuzzin

    the flying tumbler exacly right i go to every newcastle match home and away and all that we want is for newcastle to win 1 trophey

  8. theflyingtumbler

    got to be the most frustrating team in british football to support? correct me if im wrong. MON THE HOOPS HAIL HAIL!

  9. MikeyAceH

    Thickest fans in world football.

    Keegan’s solved all your problems hey

    Who’s next I wonder?

  10. majixherb

    Can’t believe BIG Sam got the sack, what a joke..lets hope JOSE likes the cold of the North. C’MON THE TOON!!!

  11. andrew14ad

    Seeing keegan sent shivers up my spine and time for a new hero in toon.

    Big Sam has my support but the media will take him down and the current players.

    Martin Jol you are having a laugh.

    Alan Shearer- Who bloody knows eh…..

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