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  1. angle9871

    broke my hand on that day.. but i still had a fuking good time listening to the match on the radio on the way to that shithole safc hospital

  2. ecopunk66

    I will never ever forget this as long as i live!
    fucking love it!
    Will be getting a tattoo to show to the world!!!

  3. maximw1234

    nice:L i was there! and OMG! THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!! and remember a guy running through the pitch naked:L:L

  4. boogaloo9999

    Haha a tell ya wot if that had happened to us a would of get ya sells to the wearmouth bridge there’s still time

  5. joe89nufc

    @Nickfan7 aye you and me both kida, that game will be talked about for years to come and quite right to

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