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  1. jrml2009

    @TheMagpieGeordie Its wasnt owens fualt that your chairman shepards? or sumthing gave him a contact for 4 years (which he played) wasnt owens fualt paul robinson broke his ankle…

  2. TheMagpieGeordie


    How did that cost us? It was the likes of over payed wankers like owen that cost us not the fans. And all this crap that we expect to win a cup or get into europe every season is just london media bullshit!

  3. jrml2009

    @TheMagpieGeordie who were your naturual winners? Andy Cole left.. peter beardsly was 36. you exeptation cost you your premiership status 2 years ago

  4. jrml2009

    im sorry but newcastle fans exept too much… season 96 you had no real winners fa 98 99 shearer was your best players (john barnes was like 36) during 2001-2005
    your midfield was boywer and dyer? against gerrard scholes virea


    I disagree with this whole mentality, that if you haven’t came first place in owt, that you haven’t achieved anything.

    Would you rather be middlesbrough? Win one shitty cup and then do fuck all? We were challenging in the CL spots and for the title. I’d rather have years and years of establishment in the PL and finishing high at the top level, then win one think like for instance, Blackburn. They won the title, and then got relegated a few seasons after.

    ONE TOON!!!!

  6. inghamunitedfc

    @TheMagpieGeordie dont worry mate, bad records are there to be broken one day, one day we will do it one day we will win a trophy and the SMB’s wont be laughing then

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