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  1. ryan12321123

    if you play ultimate team then the best way to build up your team is by complaining to EA – i did it lol and im a bad lier and they gave me 25,000 coins just because i told them “my computer crashed when I bought a gold all player pack for 25,000 coins but I didnt get any players when I went back on” - honestly trust me EA are stupid . Just email them on­­­­­.uk and they will usually give you “your coins back” lol

  2. Nemisiskidd

    @fifaparadise wats the point of impact engine seeing plyers getting clatterd and falling seriously if they want 2 do this mk a wrestling game, it will seriously mess up online play seeing idiots fouling you just 2 see the engine work

  3. MrMarcos1011

    Cant wait. Obiously it look just like fifa 11 because it hasnt been completed and they need something to use before e3. So.they used fifa 11 players kits ect. But every year they get better so hopefully they dont disappoint. And give messi the cover, he deserves it.

  4. MrJman2011

    I’m new to FIFA after getting down the basics the game has become fun. The lower level people don’t play the game right making it to easy but when your playing against a guy with experience the game is more exciting you see new things and the gameplay isn’t bad at all and I’m only a lvl 20

  5. ThePragmo

    I’ve got fifa 11 but it’s very annoying. The game-play…The urgency is a little too real for one to enjoy the football gaming especially the referees and the offside calls. The passing is also annoying when your pass ends up in the computer’s hands. Funny but I used to enjoy it better on PS2….

  6. jadsonilsinho

    Fifa is far better than pes guys…i don’t give a damn about player faces etc..Fifa has a better graphic and gameplay thats more than enough for me…Pes is meant for those who like funny movies…every tackle you make the player just sits down while falling….

  7. afromaster19

    I’m quite excited about all the changes their going to make and think a some of them will make a lot of difference but they’ve managed to make everything in that video look crap &pointless, so on the current face of it, I’m not impressed.

  8. norsende

    I wish they don’t forget to make the referee actually do something this year, especially with the “Impact Engine”. I bet 90% of the tackles that happen with that just get ignored and you never get carded just like in 11, 10 etc.

  9. baronesbc

    i want to try the demo before to buy it.. i want see:
    1- a real contact player-ball
    2- good dafending, solid and tactical, not only attack
    3- LESS pressing, rhythm match slow and reasoned
    4- a game that doesn’t level and doesn’t distort the values ​​in the field
    5- realistic Ia, more errors in the maneuver, and absolutely no script shoots, and magnetics cross for the players
    6- full manual more manual and free, not only a assisted more difficult..

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