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  1. oChickenMano

    @LiverpoolMediaRobin dont be nice to a prick like this look at the state of you, hahaha you got smashed 3-1

  2. rodders0223

    A 3 minute video that features approx 567,098 players who could of been great but were ruined by a joke of a club.

  3. 4EVACOD

    newcastle utd have 1 of the best club histories ever in my opinion, ever since alan shearer retired D: and mike ashley bought the club, everything went down hill ,b4 that, we were 1 of the best teams in england. and we must of rank in the top 10 all around the world! ( once upon a time anyway ) this video really cheered me up after we lose 3-0 to man u today 🙂 i forgot how grat alan shearer was. HE WAS AN ABSOLUTE LEGEND!!! easily the best player in the country at the time!!!!

  4. mysticelf12

    @willboy123456789 Haha, explaining why they bought Titus Shambles (Bramble) AND their sponsor is Tombola.. what’s next? Poundland? McDonalds? Honestly, they don’t stand a chance this season, Guiteirez will fucking destroy them, they’re shit.

  5. willboy123456789

    @mysticelf12 i dont support sunderland suppid…. and btw even tho i dont support sunderland there still miles better than you

  6. mysticelf12

    @willboy123456789 And who do you support eh? Sunderland? Where have they been in the past 2 fucking years? They haven’t even been able to get in the top 10 positions of the Premier League, you dumb fuck, and we won the Championship first time round, it took Sunderland like 9 times to get to the top.

  7. willboy123456789

    newcastle r crap they got ride of sam allerdice because the fans didnt like him…. he was probs the best man at the job at the time for them and the fans thought they could be in europe… when they couldnt if they kept allerdice they would of stayed up but noo lets get keegen well newsflash he was crap in the first place! u finshed 2nd 15 years ago thats crap!

  8. UnevenScrotum

    @kevphillips02 I like how you’ve chosen a mediocre player as your username to make people think its actually him. Clever.

  9. MrTuffStuffJr

    the robson days were my favourite times as a toon fan. shearer, bellamy, robert, speed, given, solano etc

    brilliant video btw

  10. kinseyme

    lol i can remember when we where in the uefa and we was 1.0 down 2 dynamo kiev and gary speed scored that header 2 make it 1.1 then 2 mins later alan shearer got us a penelty and he scored.yea knose was the days

  11. shaneac9

    big tall ugly avatar muthfuka hahaha you will get relagated in the prem nufc are not good enough enjoy winning the championship cus is the only thing your gonna win for the next 30 years hahahahaha LFC !!!

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