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  1. SuperTruth77

    A fantastic taxpayer-sponsored season for the taxpayer-sponsored toon!

    So many wonderful taxpayer-sponsored memories & taxpayer-sponsored goals! Here’s to a great taxpayer-sponsored 2010/11 season- this time they can go all the taxpayer-sponsored way!!

  2. cardiffcity100

    i was there, long 8 hours up, and even longer back on the sunday. but a good weekend, and a great laugh on the saturday in town. Good luck in the prem! Not that u seem to need it.

  3. DGibbas

    i was there and at the blackpool demolishing and when we lifted the Championship against Ipswich we all enjoyed it but i think we got the spirt to stay up next season!

  4. cmoz88

    TO ALL NEWCASTLE FANS: Is Ryan Taylor in the first team for you, and is he any good because I know he scored 4 goals last season? (For my Fantasy Football).

  5. watadam20

    I nearly didn’t make it to this game because the bus I was getting to the train station was over an hour late, but I got there ten minutes before kick-off and was sat in the Leazes Corner, fantastic to see. When Lovenkrands scored the 5th goal I went mental, only time I went as mad at a goal this year was when Enrique scored v Forest.

  6. 6cct

    He is Wayne Routledge, new player who came to Newcastle in January market and signed 3 year contract.
    He is a really skillful midfield player. Right for no. 10.

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