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  1. xPadco

    doesnt matter how much he ages, he’s still 1 amazing goalkeeper .

    im from his hometown , Lifford 🙂

  2. 123Owey

    hahahaha like fuk…..joe hart a true brit steals the show…keep the irish out…locked up and out of harms way is what i say….britain britain…france france…hahahahah given will never ever get a shot art euro or world cup tournament…never….never the but i say…..the queen forever….glasgow rangers !

  3. JabroniAlex

    Given is fantastic i think only him and Reina have both the best reflexes amongst all goalkeepers

  4. Robotdrummerzzk

    @omenater HAHAHA. Hart is way better than given.

    given did well for nufc, but he’s coming up to 36 soon. too old.

  5. omenater

    i dont care what anyone says shay given is absolutley amazing number 1 in the wordl wtf is man city playing at?

  6. Flashy1235

    Manchested city should have Hart as their 2nd keeper. I mean Given is the real stuff. He saves penalties and have been loyal to city for so long.

  7. ultimatetoon

    Really miss Given, as much as I want him to come back to the Toon, Harper deserves his number one spot.

  8. Irishandproudtobe

    @sam90409 You’v got to remember, before he could sign for City, Newcastle had to accept a bid for him!!! So if you think about it, all the ‘blame’ can’t rest on his shoulders!!!

  9. sam90409

    hes a good goal keeper but left the toon at the wrong time when we needed him most. if we still had him for the second half of season in relegation year we wud of stayed up. hes gone way down in my estimation for betraying the toon like that and goin to man city 4 the money

  10. Yashin9109

    The only way to score on Shay Given is a spectacular out of this world shot smack in the top corner or a lucky deflected shot, but by the look of these saves sometimes thats not even enough!!! Shay Given, best keeper around!!!

  11. TheSkyler3000

    Most Underrated Keeper in the World if he was playing in a European 1st class club he would be the Best in the World

  12. GoldenbanjoDJ

    Anyone notice how many of those match of the day ‘goal of the month’ goals were scored against Newcastle when Given played for them?

    It HAS to be spectacular to beat Given…

    He’s only a little guy as well!

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