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  1. jackanddarla

    It is hard to believe that the Steven Carr who used to play for Newcastle is the same Steven Carr who is currently having a cracking season as captain of Birmingham and has just helped Birmingham win their first trophy in god knows how long.

  2. handyhandan

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO its fukin duf u homo head nd u support newcastle :L i fkin dont and yu can instantly tel its duff what a fruit cake man

  3. 3kour

    @dmsjr2 ah shit sorry didn’t see that smith was the one who was filmed for the most part from the waist down, sorry

  4. NewcastleUnitedUltra

    haha, very true, his son used to go to my school and when he picked him up, steven got soo much greif … :L

  5. littlemouldie15

    ha ha ur funny dirty red n white cunt and actually u got it wrong its which ship has sailed out da premiership thick red n white cunt

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