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  1. MercyDesignsHD

    Thank you.. Fuck these stupid police games i wanna personalise my car.. not just change the fucking colour [barely] they need to fix up -_-

  2. MrKillius24

    this burnout shit is fucking fun
    and if your badly want it back go make your own game in c++ with ogre then come back and shut the fuck up because making a game is hard

  3. Jericho398

    This need for speed most wanted is geting the francise back to its roots (need for speed “1994” – need for speed hot pursuit 2 “2002”)

  4. Hamisxa

    True my brother.
    There is no tuning which no game has anymore, at least doesn’t have as good tuning as was in old NFS’s.

  5. TheLiam426

    This is far from a bad game, if bought it intending to walk out with a nfs game like 2005 version then its your fault for not doing your research.

  6. Dawsonortega Beaver

    I thought it was going to be a new dlc. Then I saw it was a tournament… Fuck me

  7. Mrstevenos1

    Fuck this new Most Wanted . Where is cars customizing ? 🙁 Most Wanted (2005) Underground 2 … It was really Need For Speed games. No this shit

  8. Scott Hamilton

    Stop playing on your consoles boys and get back to the training ground… unless you want to get relagated that is… your shite.

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