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  1. reggin18

    great player, great goals, great compilation! does anyone know what club he was referring to at the end there?

  2. GazBaz6

    At his best he is in the top 3 strikers in the world. No one holds the ball up and draws players into the game like he does.

  3. daiv118

    I’m a newcastle fan and he is awesome!!… but a bit of a jynx… leeds boro + newcastle…. played for all 3… now they are all gone to shit lol…. leeds for sure… newcastle maybe… boro always been a pile of shit lol

  4. mjh808

    he was in fine form just before he joined Newcastle but has had a bad run of injuries. He also seems to turn into playmaker rather than striker when in the company of other good strikers.

  5. warpfield98

    what has happened to the Duke. is it just age? i think he’s still got plenty to offer, i hope he stays in England

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