David Villa | Barcelona | Goals & Skills | 2010/2011 | HD |

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  1. ilovemaravilla

    what program do u use??? really nice video!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love villa and i love this video, & i love the song, i don’t think it makes football seems like a pussy, it’s a great song and he is beautifull just like they sing! 😀

  2. NmZhai

    @n4v3al Aha okey!! Haha yes, its weird because they grab the ball with their hand and not kicking the ball, very weird 😛 It should be called “hand-run-ball” instead lol

  3. n4v3al

    @NmZhai yup i totally agree with u, and i m not american, i just live in the U.S. and got used to saying “soccer” and think its very silly how americans call their sport “football” when they rarely even touch the ball with their own hands..

  4. NmZhai

    @n4v3al You’re right, but the same goes for the word “soccer”.. It’s called “football” and if you’re American, then just start using the real word “football”..Have a nice day!

  5. SavvySoccer

    Fantastic video brother! Viva futbol!! Get up to date reviews and comments of all Champions League matches at my channel Savvy Soccer subscribe and support!!!

  6. MullerFreestyle

    Zlatan better in Barca than David Villa? Bullshit… Villa fits perfectly with Barca’s way to play football; He is used to the Spanish kind of football, and adds a lot of skills in the team other than just scoring goals. Zlatan will never be as good in Spanish football as King David!

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