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  1. MarkMakem

    Poor Mags, you can feel their angst.
    They never win when it matters and their owner thinks less of them than we do.
    Haha…..Mags, making Mackems laugh for generations…..lets smash the city up!!

  2. TR1PACE5

    if you want to see more spastics than you have ever seen in your life, do a youtube search on newcastle utd and sunderland

  3. brad h

    fuck off its a darby called passion and unless your from hear you don’t who what it means

  4. Ross Wright

    Mackems watching this & wishing they lived in a fun & vibrant city. Not the gloomy cesspit they crawl through habitually.

  5. Connor Stobbs

    you two who commented last must be that vile fucking vermin from down the road, you’s couldnt beat 10 men you wankers!

  6. ryanriley92

    There’s always one daft Geordie dool with his top off showing off his horrible burger nipples. FTM SGB

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