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  1. jazeker


    Well give me a call when Chris (eriksen) does this, will you?
    Chris moves more like Laudrup to me. This is the most tactical, skillfull goal i’ve ever seen

  2. Newgodofwar

    @Arsenal8Life I got it from a DVD that a friend of mine gave a few years back. It’s from Arsenal Centurions (?). Maybe there are some online stores where you can buy the whole DVD. But you could also check the rest of my channel for all his goals he made in his Arsenal era up until 2002/2003.

  3. Newgodofwar

    @MrMabloom Yeah, he has this ´`thing´´ to make it look very simple. But then again, all exceptionally gifted and talented players make everything look simple, Zidane had the same as him only a bit better. Christian Eriksen from AFC AJAXhas this talent too. He even moves likes Dennis, in a way.

  4. MrMabloom

    Funny how he describes the goal, like the touch he made was obvious. “For me it was the only option, and the quickest way towards the ball, and towards the goal. And the finish was just, yeah, just tried to get it past the goalkeeper so he couldn’t reach it.” Oh, OK, thanks Dennis.

  5. ChrisAbout

    Some player’s careers are define by one amazing goal, not Bergkamps though, he did stuff like this nearly every week, and the goal he scored against Argentina in the world cup is just as good as this. Best striker ever.

  6. izzojunior

    Dennis Bergkamp loved us…never left us to chase a champions league medal (Thierry), came as a dutch master of the ball, retired as an indelible Arsenal legend, I will forever thank this human being for gracing Highbury, my football hero!!! I’d love to meet this man!

  7. Newgodofwar

    Hi everyone! In a way to shamelessly promote my own videos, I just wanted to say to have a look at my channel and check out some more videos about Dennis Bergkamp and his seasons at Arsenal FC.

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