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  1. Psychoz07

    While looking at this vid, play the main original theme from Mission Impossible, it improves the video quite nicely… xD

  2. lfc011

    He hits birds, He burns house’s but we dont care thats fuckin SCOUSE
    Andy Caroll Liverpools number 9 !!!!!

  3. XanaXization

    He’s 6 foot 3 and got long hair , Carroll Carroll
    He does cocaine and doesnt care , Carroll Carroll !
    He’s big he’s hard he’s fuckin sick
    He’s better than that Spanish dick
    Andy Carroll Liverpools number 9!

  4. Viktor1993100

    Babel and Torres out, Carroll and Suarez inn, good deal i think!
    We tried to get Adam and Young too, but they wher overprised. But still, tem looks better then before January! 35 m is a lot, but i actually thinks he’s worth it on a long term, he’s after all great alredy at the age of 22!

  5. LazyJayneuk

    @fuckooo Man ushited fan from the South no doubt. Youre on your way down. Glory years almost behind you, we’ll see who is laughing in a couple of seasons. Changing of the guard, hahahahahaha!

  6. LazyJayneuk

    @osmandebest Do you not read the news? Torres left last night, sorry to be the bearer, and we didnt get Young or Adam..

  7. osmandebest

    all liverpool need now is young and adam , some1 who can cross the ball to torres and adam for delivering the ball to young

  8. fuckooo


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