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  1. BobTheGamerUK

    @stretch1869 Aha, Spewcastle? Grow a pair you sad little man, it’s cunts like you who give the scouse a bad name with your nonesense dribble. 41 years old and sputing stuff like Spewcastle? Fucking hell…

    I actually have respect for the L’pool fans as they are great for the most, but morons like you fuel the stereotype.

  2. stretch1869

    @BobTheGamerUK : There’s f*ck all else to do in Spewcastle – aside from getting bladdered in the Pigg Market. SJP may have larger capacity etc – STILL got f*ck all on the pitch to shout about, though. Admittedly, LFC are doing nowt either (since we caned you lot 1-5 a few years ago), but at least they have won something in the period since the TV companies started broadcasting in colour

  3. BobTheGamerUK

    @stretch1869 Ughh, compare the stadiums in this day and age and SJP laughs at Anfield.

    A 90% higher average attendance then the Premiership sides while we were in the Championship says it all 🙂

  4. stretch1869

    @aid901 Ho Ho Ho, a Scouse thieving joke, that’s original. They are all saints in Tyneside, obviously, Gotta love that Raoul Moat guy.

  5. romanovout

    @stretch1869 really…this is what you comment on…it was the 80’s….nobody had super stadiums like we do now…have you seen sjp now??

  6. kokamoa

    At the risk of appearing an uber geek, I’m sure that the tackle that the Chelsea player made at 0:09 appeared as the front cover of the Panini Football album for the 1985-86 season.

  7. gallowgate68

    Nah – It was Newcastle 0-2 Liverpool.
    Kenny Wharton had a goal disallowed at the Gallowgate End. I was right behind the goal and absolutely drenched

  8. mikeyd0801

    Was this live on a sunday? I think i vaguely remember this, did Steve Nicol get a hat-trick??? I’d of been a football obsessed 7 year old. Good times.

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