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  1. heru1966

    I remember seeing this live on television back in 1976. I watched this to see Denis Tueart’s goal again mainly but it’s a great clip. A very entertaining game. I don’t follow football as much now, I don’t know if it’s as entertaining as it used to be.

  2. tightguard

    Great video. It was also a day I was there a friendly croud the Geordies shaking your hand no trouble was only about 14 myself went on a coach we always used called one of Alf’s. CTID

  3. marksnewhome

    I was at this game. Saw a load of Geordies dressed as black and white wombles CTID One of my best days alive.

  4. healersmouth

    I was a 14 year old lad at Wembley for the first time and even got a pic of me holding that cup when it toured the youth clubs of Manchester and i too had the most ridiculous hair.

  5. TheGeordie77

    love the haircuts but the response when Newcastle came back to St James Park was unbelievable. Howay the lads

  6. LeazesLad30

    Listen to the difference in roars when Newcastle score and when Man City score. I doubt there’s ever been a louder roar at Wembley Stadium than when the geordies score, but when Man City score its like the noise an away team makes.

  7. jgmcfc

    What a way to win a final, hopefully we will be ending the wait we’ve have had to suffer since that great day soon. 2009/10 could be the season we lift the League Cup again. 🙂

  8. hazza97531

    Surely one of the greatest ever Wembley goals.
    Everyone at school tried to copy it but never could.
    My favorite City goal ever.

    Thanks for uploading.

  9. 21shergar

    YouTube is so good at taking you back to references you thought you’d never see or hear again. The emotion evoked takes you unawares.

    When Tueart scored that overhead kick an eight year old’s heart was broken.

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