Top 20 football misses

20. Kieron Dyer (Newcastle), 19. Avishay Zano (Maccabi Haifa), eighteen. ??? (Ajax), 17. Nwankwo Kanu (West Bromwich Albion), sixteen. Craig Bellamy (Liverpool), fifteen. Bo Hansen (FC Midtjylland), 14. Tomas Rosicky (Arsenal), 13. ??? (???) 12. Jermaine Jenas (Tottenham), 11. Ivan Helguera (Actual Madrid), ten. Eidur Gudjohnsen & Ludovic Giuly (FC Barcelona), nine. Romário & Mazinho (Brazil), 8. Ryan Giggs (Manchester United), seven. John Carew (Valencia), six. Diego Forlán (Manchester United), 5. Ronny Rosenthal (Liverpool). 4. ??? (???), three. ??? (???), two. ??? (???), 1. ??? (???).
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  1. tobeibaz

    Forlan, carew, giggs, rosenthal, gudjohnsen, helguera, rosicky, bellamy, kanu and dyer watched this!!

  2. Khaled4life

    I remember the John Carew miss when I was little, we laughed so hard that whenever somebody on the football field missed a goal we called it a “Carew”

  3. masterbrown01

    @Kikitsa88 well then this guy must have talent sent by the almighty himself

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