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  1. lumberjack988

    Look at the top boys of Sunderland LMAO.. What a pair of mugs. New Castle kick your ass anyday!

  2. rus524

    ha ha ha. we fucking battered you sad mackem cunts. we do again in january. 5.1 we destroyed you fuckers

  3. whites12321

    @rus524 the chant goes something like this “we love sunderland, we love sunderland, we love sunderland, we love sunderland, do we fuck do we shite we support the black and white”

  4. rus524

    no he isnt, fuck me i would never live the shame down if any of my family was a mackem. now get back to your methadone.

  5. rus524

    scumberland. the biggest shithole ever. full of rapists druggies and abusers. not to mention the in breeding and incest. its a fucking dump. and the scum who live there are fit only for experiments. when newcastle go there we beat the shit out of the retarded mackem cunts. now all you mackems fuck off go and sign on, and die soon you inbreeded retarded cunts.

  6. alexistarr

    This is so funny! I particularly liked the swagger. I hope the “sitihatrick” therapy wasn’t too gruelling for you Danny. 🙂

  7. xbrindle

    i love how someone’s insulted him for saying sunderland’s in yorkshire, calm down mate, it’s only a joke.

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