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  1. IDrinkYourMilkshake8

    I remember this. Newcastle behaved with absolutely no class whatsoever. They were the richest club in the country at the time, and they acted like fucking children.

  2. JeetuSach

    @TheMoosetrap, what karma are you talking about? They had won fair and square in 97, just the way Stevenage won fair and square in 2011.
    Most people don’t know this, but in 97 it was Stevenage who first asked Newcastle to switch the game (for larger gate receipts) on the grounds of safety. They swiftly turned it as a media war against Newcastle when Sky offered to pay for a temporary stand for Stevenage.

  3. JeetuSach

    “Despite what seemed to be an incredible clearance…” – are you joking? Pause it, see it in slow motion – Shearer’s first was a goal, there is zero doubt about it. The media enjoyed portraying Newcastle as lucky to go through, that Stevenage were unfairly dispatch…what cr@p. Don’t believe everything you read, the mass media are but manipulators of the worst kind.

  4. TheMoosetrap

    🙂 gotta love how Karma has worked its magic here…well done Stevenage, it seems like you were all waiting and praying for the day to happen and it did!!

    Now…what chance Liverpool in the 4th round just to complete the business with owd Kenny?

  5. toonrmy9

    As a diehard Newcastle fan, I can say that the Looney Toons thoroughly deserved what they got today. Hats off to Stevenage, that was quite hilarious.

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