Steve McClaren is quite unruffled

It has been a bit of a tough time of late for Newcastle United both on and off the field, but, the boss Steve McClaren is quite unruffled.

McClaren believes politics is not something new to the clubs belonging to North East, but, one needs to get on with his job and that’s what he is doing.

Speaking yesterday, McLaren said, “I am quite used to politics. It does not bother me. Having spent more than one and half decades in North East, I am aware of everything that goes on. It pretty much happens in all the clubs in this region.”

“Politics is obviously something that you don’t want to be there. The only aim should be to make the club grow and go from strength to strength in terms of performances. You want everyone to be on the same page and working with the same goal.”

“The idea is to be consistent and get ourselves contending for Europe at some point of time and that will happen only if we work together. There were indeed some encouraging signs in the match we played versus West Ham to finish our season off and that pleased me.”

The Magpies were not completely safe from relegation going into the West Ham game. But, they put up a super performance at St. James’ Park to win 2-0 and ensure they didn’t fall in bottom 3.

As it turned out though, they would have been safe even if they lost that game.

However, a performance like that at the end of the season would obviously have provided them some relief considering the number of on and off field issues they have had in the recent past.

Newcastle exactly finished at no. 15 in the Premier League table with 39 points in 38 games.

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