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  1. sadakogelo94

    i’ll be more happy if you continue the video until the you’ll never walk alone is done!

  2. Bucketheadhead

    My god the 2nd Newcastle goal was a beauty, from a Liverpool fan.

    Games like these is why I love Liverpool!

  3. wafflesmonroe

    @XxxJamesCrossxxX Please learn to use decent English before you claim to be a follower of English football.

  4. dannyayo

    @XxxJamesCrossxxX Liar, the matches you went to just so happened to be against Liverpool. Of course I have been to Anfield! I live down the road you see I support my local
    Club you glory hunter!

  5. GBPaddling

    What price for a Fowler in todays market? priceless methinks!Agree with gashead,calamity James at fault for all 3 goals.

  6. XxxJamesCrossxxX

    @dannyayo yea went 2 times to see man u vs liverpool wen ferdinand scored the winner in the 90th min have u ever being ta crapy anfield

  7. CL6120

    On the last goal, Phillipe Albert really wrote the textbook on how not to defend. He initially comes up to challenge Fowler, and then when the ball goes to Bjornebye, he keeps looking at him and just JOGS to the byline, like there’s something waiting for him there, COMPLETELY ignoring Fowler.

  8. LBgashead87

    david james at fault 4 all goals and 2 make it worse he plays 4 the shit heads now still fucking love fowler 2 this day

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