Sir Alan Shearer 1996-2006

Dedication, Leadership, Enthusiasm, Talent, Power and numerous far more qualitys. But the real explanation we cherished Alan Shearer was his really like for the club. First song: Yann Tiersen “Comptine d’un autre été” Second song: Todd Hannigan “Thicker than water”. A tribute to the best Striker of all time.
Video clip Rating: four / 5

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  1. TheLegendfamily

    @hardieross If Andy Carroll is worth 35m; then what would Shearer be worth in today’s transfer markert?

  2. TheLegendfamily

    @NufcNeil Agreed, whether you like him or not; Carroll has a LONG way to go before he can be mentioned in the same class as Shearer for either club(s) or country IMO.

  3. valma1208

    theres only 1 alan shearer!! people said carroll was the next alan shearer.. but Carroll has shown he doesnt have the same loyalty as the legend that is Alan Shearer

  4. resilienceman

    I’m a Villa fan and this guy was the best i have so many memories of Shearer that was great he was just unstoppable when he was younger and respect Newcastle i admire you for havin a player like Shearer HERO!

  5. killwill83

    I think if Shearer had signed for Man UTD in 96 he would have gone down as one of their best ever strikers but at Newcastle he had the chance to become their GREATEST ever player and as a fan himself he couldn’t resist. I think in this age of players just playing for the money that decision and that loyalty speaks volumes of the man. He is the greatest premier league striker of all time!

  6. NUgeordieFC

    Alan shearer won the greatest trophy of all time… the chance to become a legend for the team he supported all his life and go down in history…. i’m pretty sure that means more to him than any trophy he could of won with man united or anyone else.

  7. jmcle884

    I am Leeds supporter but I have to say Alan Shearer is a legend. Could he have won more medals if he played for Manchester United, hell yeah, but I am glad he did not. He was loyal to his club, which is a rare thing unfortunately now days. Miss you Sir Alan Shearer!

  8. Kallytom

    @blueandwhite01 True, at edwood henning berg was very unlucky to be sent off, at old trafford maybe the sherwood goal should of stood. I just believe that if we’d not had so many injuries, off the field problems involving cantona and kanchelkis, long term injury to paul parker, roy keane playing right back etc…we would have sneaked it, i felt we were always a better team than blackburn, this theory was proven the next season when blackburn finished 7th with the same team.

  9. LordWedgewood

    This just shows how much has changed at Newcastle. Back then their signings were so big that they made a day out of it, and got Alan Robson to introduce them! Imagine Alan introducing Darren Perch or Danny Guthrie. It would be an insult haha.

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