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  1. JohnnyRigman

    RVP Showed nothing but respect to all arsenal fans when he scored against them, he didn’t celebrate and rub it all in their faces, if anything, he’s being a bigger man about it than most arsenal fans.

    Difference between arsenal and manu fans is that when we let sell a player to another team (Ronaldo) we wish him nothing but luck, arsenal fans turn aggressive towards RVP, even though he did so much for their team in his time there

  2. zach22zach22

    his first goal for united was amazing. (first goal in the video). he’s having another top class season as you can tell cuz these are all from this season and its not even over yet.

    i am requesting you make another one of these when the season is over with all of his goals cuz you did a great job on this video. thank you.

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