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  1. pnesam07

    Not a chance, we were poor and you deserved your win, we did deserve at leasy a goal though

  2. domy449

    just saw an interview with fergie…what a nob head eh? almost as bad as the dick head alex. He was saying the goal was lucky, I agree…but he was claiming you’s were the better side ?!?!

  3. pnesam07

    Passionless players mate, modern day football… they just want their pay check and couldn’t really care about the 3,000 that went.

  4. CairnsyNUFC

    Yeah most teams don’t sing before and if they do it will only be once but only really the derby games when its been louder, you’ve got a good set of supporters there, only if your team realised that sorry but who doesn’t clap the fans when they’ve travelled away even our players did when we got beat 5-0 once (although most of the fans gave them the fingers) lol

  5. CairnsyNUFC

    I sit underneath the away fans and yes i did hear you before the game! lol, but i know you said your fans went quieter after we scored but you still made more noise than other teams do when we score so i’ll give credit where its due also who threw the bowler hat down it almost HIT ME!!!! lol

  6. pnesam07

    Yeah, had we not had him in the team and had a bit more luck the result might have been somewhat different.

  7. domy449

    dunno who your right winger was but bloody hell did he have a stinker eh…I think it was Sedgwick but I don’t know your team too well.
    I thought they did clap as most teams do…i saw the coaches on my way out of the town…ooh boy were there some glum faces on there…but sounds like yous had an alright day … all hours bar 3-5 😛

  8. pnesam07

    Agreed, we have a passionless bunch of players,none of them even clapped us off after the game…..

    and, very tiring lol.

  9. domy449

    I did but saying that everyone is loud before our games because they (not bigging ourselves up here) are excited to be at SJP, becasue it is an amazing place. Your team didn’t perform for you though and if you bring 3k up you expect your team to give it a shot.

    How did you find the stairs…nothing worse than first game of the season when your legs have had a rest 😛

  10. pnesam07

    Ahhhh fair play, the goal in the first 3 minutes diluted the fans of course… and with the tickets going to season ticket holders only andnot going on general sale, a lot of our more vocal fans couldn’t get one….

    did you hear us before the game though’;

  11. domy449

    only when you celebrated the goal that never was…embarrassing 😛

    I heard you at the start and I saw some excellent arm flailing at a poor referee. But a bit quiet and you look as thout you were a bit close to the wo-man…he was my man of the match…or woman of the match.

  12. domy449

    not the best fans like but banter was class and the balloons looked good. Toon fans were a bit quieter in first half than we usually are but a frustrating game of football for both sets of fans.

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