Plymouth Argyle vs. Newcastle United 19/04/10 – The Pitch Invasion

The ultimate whistle blew and the stewards experimented with in vain to cease the Newcastle followers sprinting on to the pitch. Seemed a minor harsh that Plymouth supporters had to listen to “We Are The Champions” as they had been relegated in the identical sport, but by no means brain, CHAMPIONS!

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  1. greciantravellers

    HAHA funny as well done nufc. haha pafc. good luck to plymouth next season where they will cry wen exeter city beat them.

  2. alex2mitch

    I was absolutley gutted that we got relegated.. 🙁 Too ‘rub the salt into the wounds’ even more so they played “We are the Champions” A few Argyle fans including myself shaked hands with the Newcastle Fans anc congratulated them on their well derserved win and promotion, never the less .. Argyle WILL be back in the Championship next year! PAFC TID!!

  3. mrpinkist

    hmmmm at 0.37 that steward tried to assault a fan! i would press charges against that lil prick….. hey give a guy a fleurescent jacket and they think that gotta some power….wtf!!

  4. ToonFanatic1234

    @ Plymouthrule Your team has potential with Mackie and Judge. DON’T SELL THEM!!!!! My dads a pilgrim so I like them alot and see them alot. Best of look to the green army. (WTF is Exeter City?)

  5. ToonFanatic1234

    Beutiful moment :,) Well done Newcastle, I went to the game, it was a joy to witness. Plymouth Argyle’s fans did themselves proud, best of luck to the green army from the toon army ; )

  6. PAFCdave

    hopefully this will be ARGYLE next season! I doubt any other club would have done this for newcastle to be honest,


  7. Berty1595

    plymouth you really are good sports. you stayed and clapped for us and played we are the champions couldnt of asked for a better match

  8. LoafOfPint

    I heard the Plymouth fans got on the pitch and basically joined in the party, but you can’t really see it on this.

  9. bagseyno4

    the security at argyle is a cunt the 2 promotions wev had and they wont let us invade the pitch newcastle come down allow them to invade the pitch and then play we r the champions for them

  10. misssarahere

    big boys there ryt ayy ,,gotta be pretty sad to leave stupid comments grow the fuck up and tbh to me i think the stuwards are amazing and actually quite stunning some of them wouldnt say no to them 😉 if im honest and nyt to remember and tbh if im ryt here its a criminal affencce to go on the pitch who evers moaning about itdown there but can correct me if im wrong 😀 x

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