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  1. thrillamf

    @phildis88 Skillful players are looked at with suspicion in England. Managers (especially England national team managers) prefer safe percentage players who don’t try anything risky and lose the ball.

  2. lifeonloop

    1996 Newcastle could choose a forward line from Shearer/Ferdinand/Beardsley/Asprilla/Ginola…5 of the greatest players ever to grace the premier league and would walk into any current side

  3. pazzerhead

    how can they say rooney is the best ever england player when this guy was doing these sorts of things,he’d run rings round wayne rooney-the most under-rated player we’ve had full stop

  4. JM4EDR

    @IlyaEhrenburg that’s way Peter’s always been and always will be my favourite footballer.

    Stupendous, unselfish footballer too.

  5. graysie69

    what can you say about wor pete,the 90’s messi,some great goals but the best is 4.53mins in, great goal 1985 3-1 to us against scumberland ,hark now here the geordies sing sunderland ran away,and we will sing for ever more because of new years day

  6. swaylzee

    since when has liverpool been a bigger and better club than newcastle…they dont get any better…watch the interview at the beginng…hes even says that the kop dont compare to the gallowgate

  7. CiTyLiGhTsDoNtShInE

    2.35 Look at the mags celebrating in the arsenal end. Imagine taht happening the other way round haha

  8. marrason2

    The best.

    I dont think I’ll ever see a player of his ability at St James again.

    Cheers Pedro thanks for the memories.

  9. Gazza90000

    Best Player I have seen in a Black and White shirt. Including Shearer , Ginola e.t.c.. A truce gentleman and hones player…Highly underated ….Ask Gary Lineker

  10. locallad

    Smashin’ vid, really great. How much would this wonderful player be worth in today’s market? Sometimes nostalgia really hurts, especially for a toon fan.

  11. CL6120

    I read long time ago, in his last season before moving LFC, at some NUFC supporters club meeting he was attending, someone stood up and said something like, get yourself to Liverpool, Peter, you are too good for this club. And he wasn’t being sarcastic or bitter, he truly wanted PB to progress. How he must have hated to see PB go, but that’s really is true love for the player, to want him to go to a better club.

  12. hehjaust

    How can one not love Peter. A great footballer and a true gentleman. The way he celebrates the penalty at 4:02 brought such a big smile to my face. I’m so glad that he is still at the club.

  13. AtOdinsCall

    And Pedro had similar hair!

    To watch he was just fascinating. It was that kind of player that Keegan loved, and that’s why he became such an integral part of “The Entertainers”.

  14. DJT2

    quite simply the greatest player I’ve ever seen play for Newcastle – considering the choice from Waddle, Keegan, Gazza, Asprilla, Shearer, Sir Les, Owen, Ginola, Cole this is some accolade. Not only the greatest player, but the man is an absolute gentleman – never refusing an autograph. Great great man!!

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