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  1. Joshalidina

    @Fligo10 I hope you’ve matured since you made this comment 2 years ago. Sounds like you are the one talking shit here.

  2. guavera

    because ruud van nistelrooy fucked your team Barca so hard everytime they meet i love both kluivert and nistelrooy but when you say that nistelrooy is bad then you need to back up forza nistelrooy hala madrid

  3. messi1084

    The best striker of Holland’s national team Van Nisterlooy can clean his shoes
    Thanks for everything in Barca Patrick
    Visca el Kluivert!

  4. Mohfarah

    True, Van Basten was mad because Kluivert is the greatest Dutch player ever.
    If it wasn’t for Van Basten Kluivert would have made over 100 caps for Holland and would have scored more goals.

  5. bitsequence

    Topscorers all time dutch team
    Player Goals Interlands
    1 Patrick Kluivert 40 79
    2 Dennis Bergkamp 37 79
    3 Faas Wilkes 35 38
    4 Abe Lenstra 33 47
    5 Johan Cruijff 33 48
    6 Ruud van Nistelrooy 33 64
    7 Beb Bakhuys 28 23
    8 Kick Smit 26 29
    9 Marco van Basten 24 58

  6. loko7887

    empecé a enamorarme del futbol cuando te ví jugar!!! mi primer idolo!!!! pero el mejor Luis FIGO!!! grande kluivert y grande figo!!!!

  7. hyojoosong

    i dno what sport ur watching then son 300 goals dont equal crap dickhead hes a total legend

    kluivert was good but calling shearer crap

    perleez ur clueless

  8. london33

    my fvoured childhood player man. kluivert was the dude. but it still pisses me of the way he was treated during eurocup 2004.

  9. Fligo10

    Too bad that Bellamy and Kluivert didn’t play in another team then Newcastle. They were a deadly duo, but I can understand the manager of Newcastle: you can’t leave Alan Shearer on the bench, that’s killing

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