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  1. wingies777

    Steve Bull, absolutely priceless, the master doing what other strikers dream of doing, brilliant!

  2. wideernie

    Newcastle fan here. I remember walking 4 miles home from that match and having to wait at the roadside while 30 Wolves coaches passed me and my mate. The stick we got from EVERY window of every coach, full of ecstatic fans was, looking back now, fucking hilarious. I’ve never seen so many v-signs in my life!

  3. applehunter87

    Anybody remember the match where the commentator went “Steve Bull, still steve Bull, Bull, Bullshit! GOAL!!! ” ?????

  4. fatheremmet2003

    one of the best days of my life- wolves fans made the national news headlines by flying there n back, must ave been 4 or 5 chartered planes. to win four one with bully scoring em all was the icing on the cake. what a way to start the new year!

  5. vimto89

    Im glad Steve Bull showed Newcastle summat there not cus newcastle think there a big club and there not

  6. tcacVII

    I love the near slip of the tongue at 1:10ish. The thought of Howard Kendall in goal is a funny one.

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