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  1. boshankers12

    I lost all respect for Newcastle when they didn’t fuck Joey Barton off after he got out of prison, scumbags have like no standards.

  2. ojideagu

    @AIWA666 Colombia is forced as the official name. However Colombia and Columbia mean exactly the same thing in all contexts, It’s a matter of Grammar. they both mean “Land of Columbus”

  3. AIWA666

    @ojideagu WRONG! Columbia is a place in the US and Colombia is the country and it’s spelled ColOmbia in English. Search before posting…

  4. labandadelpanda

    Grande Asprilla, and big game of Newcastle. Unfortunedly, this year both teams have been out of the group qualify! I expect we’ll play soon another champions match!
    Salut! A BARÇA FAN

  5. colombiasensata

    People remember that man, one of the best players from Colombia
    TEE NO AS PREE JA (Tino Asprilla)

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