Newcastle upon Tyne – Newcastle United

A collection of clips of Newcastle, Tynemouth and specifically St James Park. Home of Newcastle United. This video was manufactured using recycled clips of the movie Objective. Video games shown incorporate Chelseas defeat to Newcastle in the FA Cup and Chelseas Premiership match at St James cunningly edited jointly, and Liverpools one- defeat to Newcastle with Lauren Roberts tremendous no cost-kick.
Video Rating: four / five

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  1. SuperTruth77

    Many people worry about football players being too distant from the fans in the modern game- but Newcastle United have come up with a unique scheme to combat this.

    For many years now most of their fans have been directly sponsored by the UK taxpayer (via the benefits system)- and now so are the team (via Northern Rock).

    Superb- up the Toon! It’s the taxpayers’ choice- whether they like it or not!

  2. johnpaul25x

    Irish Nufc fan living in Austria,love the place,what a stadium,cant wait to go back, friendly people too and the world famous Brown ale!!



    They are thick man – newcastle is small and they rely on the satellite shite to support them

  4. pikachu637

    <3 Amazing.
    About the song, If anybody was wondering, the song is called, "The Legacy" by Saltwater, I think this is the Alphazone Remix. Tiesto also has a remix too. :D

  5. tibumagpie

    we are the best supporters in the world!!!! GO NEWCASTLE!!!! GO MAGPIES!!!! HOWAY THE LADS!!!!! greetings from México!!!! 4ever Magpie!!! till I Die!!! …cambio…

  6. Nivvorendinggeordie

    the mighty magpie has risen thanks to CH we are back in the prem see just shows us #nufc fans were right to keep the faith & we had 49.000/50.000 fans at st james park last season how many fans did sunderland man city & liverpool have ? so it just proves we really are a class premiership team howay the lads all you h8rs can eat shit cos Newcastle is a far nicer city than liverpool & london too !1

  7. benjiCLSnufc

    The best feeling ever is watching a ball hit the back of the net and having some bloke jump on u but u don’t care at St James Park

  8. ModIsGod123

    @mbmjson well lets look at it this way; the right to greater free speech is what the BNP want and got when Nick Griffin was allowed on Question time. As far as I’m concerned the UAF aren’t even a political entity, therefore pose no threat to parliament so why deprive them? I fail to see what they are fighting for myself but there you go. I just find you arguing against their right is hypocritical

  9. mbmjson

    sorry to see the geordies have allowed a anti english group the UAF put up a stand every saturday on northumberland street, see the youtube video

    “theres nothing british about the uaf”

  10. leahdexter2008

    @Grainger1980 we are back and you guys kept the faith and Grainger1980 this vid has kept me going you are legend just like CH AND THE REST OF THE BOYS TOON TOON BLACK & WHITE ARMY HWTL

  11. Life2love2laugh

    Love the air view, love my hometown, Newcastle ♥ xx:D Thank you for showing it in all it’s glory 🙂

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