Newcastle United Vs. Reading – 3:0 – [Championship Round 2] – (Full Match Highlights) – 15/8/2009

Newcastle United Vs. Looking at – 3: – [English Championship Spherical two] – (Full Match Highlights) – fifteen/eight/2009
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  1. pinkelephantandmates

    Something about this win over reading for our second game of the championship was really classy play. The ball movement and passing just seems extra smooth and fluent to me in this match. Maybe im just stoned. anyways NUFC 4 LYF!

  2. danjosimo3000

    aww bless ameoba, he was so buzzin to get that hat trick! look at his cheeky little face before the penalty!!! oooo

  3. drummerman1989

    Remember watching this game. Such a well deserved hattrick. 2nd goal wouldn’t have happened with the superstar Nolan though.


    yes i think we will get back up. but we still need improvement, because i still dont think were in the right shape for the premier league.
    we need that fat cockney bastard out, and a full term manager.

    I was watching newcastle palying against bristol we played amazingly the first 20 minutes then after the first 3 attempts just missed, heads started to go down.

    we need to give nile ranger more games, hes nearly there, and give lua lua a game hes a speedy little bastard haha.

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